EDITORIAL: County should amend law allowing officials to hold two positions

— For all intents and purposes, if elected, you’re allowed to be a county legislator and a mayor. You’re allowed, and capable, of holding two positions at the same time. State law says that. Numerous attorneys agree. The law is the law.

But is the law what’s best for the community?

Let’s take a step back and look at the issue: Danny Liedka, current mayor of East Syracuse, will be sworn in to the county legislature in January. He says he’s leaning toward staying on board as the mayor until elections this spring, in order to get through what’s promised to be a heated debate about the East Syracuse Police Department.

We support Mayor Liedka in both of his endeavors. Just not at the same time.

County Executive Joanie Mahoney has been pushing a plan to help towns and villages save money in the county by sharing services and exploring dissolutions of police departments, even villages. That’s the county’s take.

East Syracuse will be exploring options to help the village save money by either dissolving their police department or sharing services with the town of DeWitt, depending on what village residents want. Mayor Liedka has made it clear that he, nor the village board, will make the decision regarding the police department.

The village needs an advocate for what’s right. In this case, it seems like keeping the village’s interests separate from the county would be most beneficial.

The county needs an advocate for what’s right. In this case, the county’s viewpoint is to help save all taxpayers money by removing duplicated services and entering into shared service contracts.

Those advocates, for two entirely different missions, shouldn’t be the same person.

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dolphan1234 4 years, 2 months ago

Mayor Liedka has done nothing but help the village of East Syracuse and has helped to upgrade the village. He is more than capable of holding two public offices and doing what is right for his constituents.


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