Boy Scout to add trails, repair bridge at Perry Springs Park — Manlius’ best kept secret

Perry Springs Park in Manlius will see some renovations by local Boy Scout Noah Chrysler.

Perry Springs Park in Manlius will see some renovations by local Boy Scout Noah Chrysler. Allie Wenner

Village Trustee Natalie Miner has been helping to oversee Chrysler’s project at the park this past month and says the park is a busier place than many people would expect.

“That park is really used quite a bit,” she said. “The last Sunday when we were working there, people were a little put off because we were interfering with their quiet time. It’s used more than you think it is.”

But not everyone thinks that the renovations are necessary at this time. Judith Dardzinski is a village resident and the owner of Worldlink Travel in Manlius. She’s been to almost every Manlius Village Board Meeting in the recent past and thinks the village could be spending its money on other things.

“If we can afford it, I think it’s nice. But we also have to be conscious of what it will represent as a liability for taxpayers and for the maintenance of it,” she said. “I think we should have parks that are available for the younger people — the people that are going to be coming to the village for other activities instead of watching nature. I love nature and I love walking, but I think there should be land that should be reserved for the pleasure of the youth.”

For now, the village board plans for the project to be completed by this winter.

Allie Wenner is a freelance reporter for the Eagle Bulletin.

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sweiter 3 years, 3 months ago

Perhaps the Park isn't the Village's "Best Kept Secret" however, the plan to expand the trails might be described as such. After reading this story I went back through the Village Board Minutes to discover this action had been approved on September 11, 2012. Yet no one in the neighborhood surrounding the Park seems to have been notified, consulted, or asked to comment.

While I applaud the initiative of young Master Chrylser and support Eagle Scout projects generally, I am dismayed that this action would have been approved without notification to the neighborhood. I own properties that back up to the park, and would like to know how the extension of the trails will affect my safety, privacy, and property. Other residents of Eureka Drive, Park street, Garrett and Greenridge are equally concerned. Before this plan goes forward,there should be a public meeting to discuss the extent of this plan and the potential impact on our neighborhood, as well as potential damage to the natural springs and aquifers in the rear of the park..

Steve Weiter Eureka Drive Manlius, NY


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