Fayetteville limits number of pets per home

Board, residents discuss chickens in the village

— The Fayetteville Village Board has amended a local law to limit the number of dogs, cats and rabbits residents can keep at their home to three of each.

Mayor Mark Olson said agreeing on a reasonable number of animals per household has been a difficult task for the board, which is why there was no number limit put on animals in the local animal law adopted by the board in January.

“We know people that have two dogs, two cats, two rabbits and a turtle, and you know what? You’d never know, and there are no issues,” Olson said. “But is that too many?”

The animal law prohibited residents from housing any animal, with the exception of dogs and cats, without first obtaining a license from the State of New York or the Town of Manlius and a written permit from the village board. It also banned keeping any animal that “by its continual barking, howling or whining or other frequent or long-continued noise or behavior, [causes] annoyance or discomfort to a reasonable person of normal sensitiveness.”

The idea to limit the number of animals allowed per household was proposed following a complaint about seven dogs living at one residence on Warren Street, said Village Code Enforcement Officer Richard Greene. A resident of the neighborhood told Greene that those dogs were outside and barking from 7 to 10 p.m.

“We’re now getting complaints about dogs and cats,” he said. “The most recent complaint of seven dogs … that’s bordering on a kennel.”

Former village trustee Mary Coleman warned against regulating the number of animals per home.

“One barking dog does it for me, seven is excessive,” she said, “but isn’t there anything under the noise ordinance, excessive noise, rather than trying to get into numbers?”

After some discussion by the board, Trustee Dan Kinsella moved that households be limited to three dogs, three cats and three rabbits. The motion was seconded by Trustee Dennis Duggleby and passed by the board. Olson said people who have more animals than the new limit allows will not be “grandfathered in.”

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