LETTER: Whorrall for mayor

To the editor,

Like most residents of our wonderful village, many with whom I have spoken, I hoped that the election this March would end the nightmare we have endured as the laughing stock we have become with our current mayor. I write to you to express my support and hope that we can make this happen by responding publicly to what a small group of people with vested interest in keeping our current mayor are attempting to do. Their motivation seems only to be to keep in office someone so unfit for anything productive that it spreads his upkeep among all our residents instead of just the few who would otherwise be saddled with his upkeep if he wasn't mayor.

Just as they are spreading two big lies to try to keep the current joke in office, there are two big reasons why we as residents of a village we could once be proud of, need to act decisively to get a new mayor this march.

Big Lie #1 is that if Paul Whorrall is elected we will be saddled with a Taj Mahal Fire Station. The facts are that unlike the current mayor, Mr. Whorrall knows that even if he wanted to do that he couldn't. He is one member on a committee that makes recommendations. Then, whatever the committee reports, nothing can happen unless the board passes it, in a public meeting. If the board did pass that, which Mr. Whorrall has said publicly that even though something needs to be done, he would not recommend that, it still could not happen without a public referendum.

Unlike the current holder of the office, Mr. Whorrall, member of a family with generations of service to the village, would not act as though the mayor is a monarch who does not need the board. The fact that our current mayor acts this way simply indicates his incompetence is compounded by his ignorance. Mr. Whorrall also has an agenda to improve the village for its businesses and residents, not just the people who travel through it everyday.

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