Parking problems: Manlius parking causes headache for business owners, customers

These signs have been posted all over lot 14 during the past few weeks to inform customers of the parking situation .

These signs have been posted all over lot 14 during the past few weeks to inform customers of the parking situation . Allie Wenner

— “It’s a bit of a conundrum and a sensitive issue with us. I’m trying to have a conversation with Magley to bring as many viable, financially realistic options for the board to consider,” he said.

However, the business owners and trustees alike realize that based on their past experiences with Magley, the asking price may very well be higher than what’s really in their comfort zone. Trustee Harold Hopkinson pointed out at the meeting that this will be especially difficult for the village, which is already pushing the limit with its expenses.

“We are facing a budget where we are using up reserves. We don’t have a balanced budget- we haven’t had a balanced budget for a while. Whatever we do has to be in line with working out a balanced budget.”

Mayor Serafin says that if the offer is made, Magley can either accept or reject it. If he rejects the offer, the board is considering pursuing eminent domain, a process in which the government has the right to expropriate private property for public use, with payment of compensation. It’s a lengthy process, however, and could take up to a year. Porto attended the Jan. 22 meeting along with Nat Tobin, owner of the Manlius cinema. Both were disappointed with how long the process could take and Porto stood up and told the board how some businesses on the block are suffering after just two weeks of the parking lot issue.

“I know that the owner of St. Laurent Framing lost 75 percent of his business already. You cannot deal with [Magley]. You pay him now and you’re going to have to pay him more the next time, and more the time after that. That’s the way he works. I want something resolved. We have no parking,” Porto said.

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CBogley 3 years ago

Clearly the Mayor is hiding behind the real issue here. The parking lot used to be paid for by the town to accomodate the citizens and visitors to the area and as a result received the revenue from the sales of the local business owners and the taxes on the incomes of the shop owners and their employees. The town made more than they paid. Mr. Magley (not Magley as this rag refers to him) is a property owner that takes all of the risks of owning property used by the public. He is not a charity, he has to pay for repairs to the lot from his own pocket. In reality Mr. Porto wants to receive the benefit of the parking lot for nothing. Pretty generous on his part, don't you think. Having his customers park in Mr. Magley's lot is a form of theft, but I see no cry for protection of Mr. Magley's rights.

The name calling and false accusations of Mr. Magley and the view of his motives by his detractors is reprehensible and shows the small minded mentality of this paper and the Mayor and his government of Manlius, a nice town that is being impugned by it's leadership. Grow up and begin having reasonable dialogues with your citizens, not name calling and epithets. The rest of the citizenry should be suspicious of a government that attacks any of it's citizens this way. Shameful.


kdhughes 3 years ago

Let's look at solutions -- perhaps if Manlius offered to plow the lot, Mr Magley could show his generosity.

Of course he has rights and responsibilities, but he has not shown a willingness to work things out for everyone's benefit, not just his. This issue is not about him.


Zorch 3 years ago

Why should he provide free parking for everyone? Doesn't make sense.


Laughcrazy 2 years, 2 months ago

Sounds like: Mr Magley owns a parking lot for the tenants of his building to provide them with parking for their customers. He takes on all burden of liability & maintenance of this property to provide value to his tenants. Other businesses are upset that he has taken his own time to protect his property use and those misusing it to personally warn them ahead of time to give them extra opportunities to save them from being towed and charged...which he does not legally have to do. He could sit there without asking people to move their cars and just tow them and make money from that.... yet he is being made out to be the bad guy??? The local Gov forcibly taking Mr Magley's property to serve the same purpose to those who own adjacent property is NOT what eminent domain was established for.. but unfortunately governments everywhere are misusing it in wrongful ways.. however if they take it... they should also be liable for not only the property's value but it's actual value to Mr Magley. It has a much higher value, loss of income, loss of the business and rental values it provides by giving his tenants the added advantage and value of parking in a limited parking arena... and the stress and emotional damage they are causing him with the manner in which they are treating and handling this situation which might include some slander which those involved could be held liable for. Also this lot is providing it's intended purpose for the building Mr. Magley owns... if the other property owners and city need more parking then it would be more fair to use eminent domain to take other properties in the area and CONVERT them to MORE parking.


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