Movie review: Now we’re cookin’ – Cooper sizzles in ‘Burnt’

Adam Jones is predictably arrogant, confident and masterful. And he’s a world-class chef. When the movie “Burnt” opens, though, he’s at the tail end of a self-imposed penance for his own shortcomings while he was studying in France. It was at that time that he made a lot of friends into enemies.

In the Earth: Fall clean-up 2015

This year, we have had two hard frosts here in Manlius before the majority of the leaves have fallen. This has rapidly separated the tender perennials, which are rapidly turning to mush or dried brown sticks, from those who don’t much care about a bit of cold. The grass, however, is still growing fairly vigorously.

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movie Review: Diesel Fueled – A review of “The Last Witch Hunter”

I’m beginning to think that the reason this movie was even made was to perpetuate a running gag where 48-year-old Vin Diesel could call 82-year-old Michael Caine “kid.”

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FROM THE ASSEMBLY: Preparing our workforce for available jobs helps our whole communities

Jobs: they’ve been the number one issue in our community for a long time. We all know that we need good-paying jobs in our area, especially for our kids who are ready to join the workforce and want to stay and work here in Central New York and not be forced to move away.

FM-JD Area Meals on Wheels board members actively work to support community

It is the mission of the FM-JD Area Meals-on-Wheels to prepare and deliver nutritious meals to anyone who, for any reason, is in need of such a service to remain independent in their own home.

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Theater review: ‘Little Shop’ of humor — Man-eating plant stars in monstrous musical at CNY Playhouse

Hats off to plant designer Liam Fitzpatrick for creating a functional shrub capable of talking and swallowing people whole for CNY Playhouse’s monstrous musical, “Little Shop of Horrors,” running through Halloween at Shoppingtown DeWitt.

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Spielberg, Hanks deliver must-see movie in ‘ Bridge of Spies’

Rarely can you go wrong with a Steven Spielberg movie. Likewise, the same can be said of a Tom Hanks spectacle. Put them both together and the resulting movie is a must-see. Such is the case with “Bridge of Spies,” a film about the capture and trial of convicted spy Rudolf Ivanovich Abel in 1957, about a decade into the cold war between the capitalistic United States and communist Russia.

Column: American cheese

Italian food, Chinese food, even baby food -- is there such a thing as American food? Conventional presumptions have been that there is no identifiable American cuisine, but perhaps that is no longer true. We have, and have had always, regional foods, but every country has those. Are there any unique features of our diet that identify it as American?

Column: A differentiating college essay

It is time for students to tackle the universally dreaded college essay. With more colleges, particularly the most competitive institutions, deciding among students who have near perfect qualifications, the college essay is increasingly important for admission. This is particularly true for the B and C student. A strong, differentiating college essay may be the deciding factor.

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Scream Test: A look at CNY’s haunted attractions

Part 3

The fun’s not over yet. Here are three more haunted house attractions in CNY that might be worthy for your consideration. One of them is in Utica and one is in Williamstown. They’re a little bit of a drive, but the attractions are certainly time well spent if you choose to make the trip.

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Run for your life! A look at CNY’s haunted attractions

Part 2

So, last week, we looked at a few of the early bird haunted attractions in Central New York. This week, a second round of monster havens opened and the screams throughout the countryside are getting louder. Without further fanfare, let’s begin.

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Column: October Volunteer of the Month

While this column has mostly featured people in the midst of their careers and retired people, there have been a few precious times when the volunteer of the month is still in the process of getting an education. I use the word ‘precious’ selectively, as I have no doubt that these younger people will grow and be an asset to their communities and to the country. Josh Rodriguez is one of these people, and he is the Eagle Bulletin October Volunteer of the Month.

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From the assembly: Tax credit will fight flooding

To know the impact pavement has on our local streams and rivers, all you have to do is look at the street during a rainstorm. That’s when you can see water flowing fast along the curb, grabbing debris and carrying it all toward our waterways.

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Ghosts, Goblins and Ghouls, Oh My! — Part 1

A look at CNY’s haunted attractions

Ah, October! The leaves change colors, the temperatures start to drop, the kids are back in school — and the ghouls, ghosts and goblins come out to play! Is there any wonder that this is my favorite time of year?

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FROM THE LEGISLATURE: Job creation on the horizon with emerging technology

To further the research at Griffiss, NUAIR Alliance has been established as a not-for-profit coalition of more than 90 private and public entities working together to manage UAS test ranges and promote unmanned transportation systems.