Letters to the Editor


LETTER: Minoa trustees thank residents

To the editor: John Champagne and I would like to express our sincere gratitude to the residents of the village of Minoa for re-electing us to the office of trustee.

LETTER: Camp Good Days thanks F-M for successful Dance Marathon

To the editor: The 23rd annual Fayetteville-Manlius Dance Marathon fundraiser (FM DM) came to an end at 12 a.m. on Sunday. March 2. Earlier in the night, a check for $105,000 was presented to Camp Good Days and Special Times. The funds raised will send more than 150 children who have been affected by cancer to camp at no cost to their families this summer.

LETTER: Holmquist endorses Brazill and Champagne

I am honored and privileged to formally endorse the candidacies of Bill Brazill and John Champagne for reelection to the Minoa Village Board. I have had the pleasure of working with both Bill and John very closely on a litany of issues over the years. The citizens of Minoa will be well served to reelect both of these great public servants.

LETTER: Elect Brazill and Champagne

As a lifelong resident of Minoa, I am excited to support and endorse two amazing candidates, Bill Brazill and John Champagne. Both of these individuals have devoted much of their time and talent to the betterment of Minoa.

LETTER: Why it’s important to vote on March 18

To the editor: My name is Bill Brazill, and I’ve been on the village board in Minoa for the past twelve years. John Champagne is also a board member, and he and I will be running for re-election on March 18, when the village will hold an election for two open trustee positions and the village justice position. Both of us have leadership skills, experience and years of community involvement.

LETTER: Facts about ‘Ash for Trash’ proposal

To the editor: Will Onondaga County import trash to burn? Three things to watch:

LETTER: Stirpe calls on state senate to vote on women’s equality now

To the editor: Here we go again. It’s 2014 and the Women’s Equality Act is still nowhere. Our daughters, sisters, aunts and mothers are still facing the same discrimination in many aspects of society that they were facing more than 50 years ago. That’s why I voted in favor of the full Women’s Equality Act — all 10 points (A.8070). No woman should be considered 9/10s of a person. What New Yorkers are looking for is statesmanship. What we are left with is political theater. It’s time for the state senate to act to ensure complete equality for women.

LETTER: Tetley is the best man for the job

To the editor: As I look out on the political landscape this campaign season, there is one candidate I’ve had the pleasure of working collaboratively and successfully with in the past. That candidate is Mark Tetley for Manlius Town Supervisor. As the former supervisor, Mark has proven himself to be bipartisan, trustworthy, honest and completely dedicated to the enhanced future of Manlius.

LETTER: Keeping security and service in DeWitt

To the editor: By now you should be aware of our campaign message of “Security and Service”. We stress these issues in our town-wide mailers and lawn signs. Our stated goal is to “Save our DeWitt Police force and to keep our brush pick-up”.

LETTER: Money isn’t missing, it was stolen

To the editor: Manlius resident and Democrat Committee member Larissa Brenner wrote a letter to the editor in the Oct. 23 edition (“Missing money in Manlius”) that I feel needs clarification.

LETTER: Vote DeWitt Democrats for honest government

To the editor: DeWitt’s Republican candidates have fabricated two non-existent issues, calling for saving DeWitt’s brush pickup and Police Department. Both accusations are false and malicious, and are being promoted for political purposes by unscrupulous and unethical people. Never have the DeWitt Democrats or I questioned the integrity or existence of the Police Department, nor have we questioned whether DeWitt should be providing brush pickup.

LETTER: Time for a change - vote Lorene Dadey

To the editor: Your Oct. 23 newspaper contained a rather disturbing /unethical letter from Bernie Ment about the County Legislature race in our area. Who on earth is Bernie Ment to question Lorene Dadey's record as a civil servant ? He has never won anything or served anywhere and is not a property owner in the village of East Syracuse or the town of DeWitt. For the record, here are a few facts I had heard in person at various meetings.

LETTER: Why Theobald should be re-elected

To the editor: The town of Manlius election is November 5th. Ed Theobald is asking voters to re-elect him for the position of town supervisor. The residents of the town of Manlius have an opportunity to vote for a supervisor that has the experience, knowledge, expertise, energy and hard work ethic to lead the town of Manlius for years to come.

LETTER: Vote for Theobald Nov. 5

To the editor: I have known and worked with Ed Theobald for 25 years and as a result of this background, I encouraged him to run for a Minoa village trustee position. He did, was elected and served with distinction.

LETTER: Re-elect Theobald

To the editor: It is with great enthusiasm that I personally endorse Edmond Theobold for supervisor of the town of Manlius. I do so because Ed is a true public servant who is interested in improving his community and is always putting public interest above politics. Whenever I call Ed with a question or concern, I can count on him being true to his word. In his position as town supervisor, Ed is fair to all sides of an issue and constantly looking for ways to make our town better.