Where were you on Sept. 11, 2001?

September 14, 2011

Photo of Robert Spiotta

Robert Spiotta (Retired in Central New York) says...

I was right across the Hudson River in New Jersey; Jersey City. I was visiting relatives and friends. It seemed like the end of the world; it was absolutely stunning. At the time I was living in California, so I was stuck there for a while. I will say a prayer Sunday and hope that it never happens again.

Photo of Jenifer Breyer

Jenifer Breyer (Say Yes to Education in Central New York) says...

I was working alone over in a home-based office on the Northside, and I didn’t know anything about it. I went to Syracuse Restaurant Supply, and as I was leaving, there was a television monitor. I saw what was happening then. It was in the afternoon, a long time after the initial attack. I asked the clerk “What is that?” To think it would happen in a commercial venue well after the fact was a little odd. I hadn’t been called by anyone in my family, so it was really bizarre (to find out like that). Maybe my husband and kids didn’t know at that point either, but it was very strange. By seeing it that late, it was almost like it was just a television show, or fiction.

Photo of Luke Thorley

Luke Thorley (Hospital equipment technician in Central New York) says...

I was in middle school in Syracuse. They kind of put the school on lockdown. They shut the windows and made us stay in the classroom as if the whole country was going to erupt into terrorism.

Photo of Annette Wilson

Annette Wilson (Montessori teacher in Central New York) says...

I was in fourth grade, and it was odd because we had normal classes in the morning. After recess, they put us in the library and didn’t tell us anything. The library was right by the entrance of the school, so you could see kids getting pulled out of school by their parents. Everyone was freaking out. I just spent the whole afternoon wondering what was going on. Something really bad must have happened. My mom came and got me after she had gotten my older brother. We started to sing "It’s the End of the World," by REM, but then I started crying.

Photo of Kyle J. Merriam

Kyle J. Merriam (State employee in Central New York) says...

I was working that day up at SUNY ESF. I will never forget it. We stayed there; I was working at my office at the time of the first attack, and I had my radio on. As soon as I had heard that the second tower had been hit, I knew in my mind that it was an attack. It bothered me a lot. They excused us at the college early that day. I went home that day and popped in a VCR tape and started recording the news because I knew it was a monumental event. Then I put on some patriotic music to try and lift my mood because it was devastating. I’m going to reflect on it Sunday. The world has changed so much since then, so I’m going to reflect on it and hope that they can bring our troops home.

Photo of Robert Robinson

Robert Robinson (Central Tech High School student in Central New York) says...

I was about 4 years old, so I don’t remember the day. I remember my mom telling me about it afterward. [How old were you when you realized the impact of what had happened?] I was around 11.

Photo of Melissa Armstrong

Melissa Armstrong (Syracuse University student in Central New York) says...

I was in a class and I was in eighth grade. We were sitting around a table taking a test and we all had a sheet of loose leaf paper. Our names and the date were on the papers, but then the news came. When we all left school, the table was just full of these papers with only our names and "September 11th" on them. We all got to leave school, and I’m from Michigan, so it wasn’t even anywhere close to New York. It showed how big of a deal it was, if even at the time I wasn’t scared because I wasn’t able to grasp it yet. My teacher had a daughter living in the area of the Twin Towers, so that did freak us out a little bit.

Photo of Casey Jarrett

Casey Jarrett (Westcott Theater box office manager in Central New York) says...

I was in French class in middle school in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. I think we watched the news and our teacher told us what was going on, and we sat around in shock. We were in school until the end of the day. They kept us informed of what was going on.


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