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Robert Shepard, owner of bygone Fayetteville Home Fair, dies at 76

“It was a time when New York had a small town feel to it,” Bob Shepard said about Fayetteville in the 1960s. At the top of the hill and the center of town, the Shepard’s Home Fair served the community’s home improvement needs.

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Kinderhook Road speed limit lowered

The concerns of residents have lead to a lowered speed limit on Kinderhook Hook Road, a state road, in the town of Manlius.

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FM grads host film premiere in father's name

While battling Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, Allen Krassembaum became close with staff at Crouse Hospital where he was receiving care. In fact, the family was so familiar with the Hospital, they began jokingly calling themselves the “Crousembaums.”

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Gizmo warfare: What is a reaper drone?

The MQ9 Reaper is the source of protest for 32 individuals facing trial for disorderly conduct in Syracuse this week. The Eagle contacted Captain Anthony Bucci of the 174th Fighter Wing to find out exactly what a Reaper aircraft does.

Try melons in salad, sorbet or smoothies

What's in the Box?

On a hot, summer day there is nothing more satisfying than biting into a sun-ripened, thirst-quenching melon.

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