nattobin 2 years, 12 months ago

I would like to remind readers that the original intent behind the Clancy-Magley purchase of parcels on the 100 block of East Seneca Street was to force the remaining merchants (including the Manlius Art Cinema) out of business using the parking lot as a cudgel. We were told by their real estated agent that a ''national retailer" was interested in the block.

(The partnership at that time consisted of Mr. Magley and Brian Baker, since convicted and jailed for embezzling his own clients' funds.)

Sadly, Mr. Magley has not found any nicer way to express himself other than to tow the cars of innocent victims (even one with a handicap sticker) when his businesses are not opened.

Mr. Magley, who we understand is active in his church, apparently has not learned how to be an active, positive force in the community in which he works.


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