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What is SOPA?

The internet is ripe with websites protesting SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), including powerhouses Google and Wikipedia, to show their dislike for the act that has tremendous freedom of speech implications. Internet piracy is a big issue and had Jack Sparrow been internet “savvy” he too would protest for his ...

Bird Brain

Russian Probe to Prove Gravity Still Has Pull

The Associated Press alerted the world that a Russian-made space probe, built to visit the Martian moon Phobos, will see its journey come to an abrupt end at some point on Sunday. The project was rushed so they wouldn't miss the limited Earth-to-Mars window that would allow a successful journey. ...

Bird Brain

Are Your Children Addicted?

I recently read an article about a test study, done in China, on 36 teenagers regarding internet usage and its effect on brain function. 18 were previously diagnosed with IAD (Internet Addiction Disorder) and the other 18 were not addicted. Yes, Internet Addiction Disorder is a real thing however according ...